Dear Sleuths,

CONGRATULATIONS on finishing The Kidnapped Crossworder! 

This page has been constructed to assist you in putting everything back so the Case may be experienced again. See below for instructions.

WARNING: Spoilers are heavy on this page. There is not only a list, but also photos of every item in the Case, so proceed with caution if you have not yet played!


Packing order

We've ordered these instructions from back to front, so that everything is ready to go into the Main Box at the end:

  1. Preparation of specific items
  2. Box 3 (small box with combination lock)
  3. Box 2 (small box with key padlock)
  4. Lid compartment packet
  5. Main Box

1. Preparation of specific items

  1. BINGO tiles: there are 25 numbered BINGO tiles in this case. Numbers are listed below so you can confirm that your set is complete.

    To prepare the BINGO tiles for resetting your Mysterious Case, pile all of them together and divide them into THREE piles. One pile will go in Box 2, one in the Lid Compartment Packet, and the last in the Main Box.

    The numbers are grouped here by set (corresponding to the three BINGO cards). You do not have to sort them into the boxes in these groups, but you can if you'd like!
    • 6, 7, 12, 19, 20, 24, 29, 34, 38  
    • 2, 8, 16, 21, 25, 31, 39
    • 3, 9, 13, 15, 23, 28, 30, 35, 37
  2. LETTER TILES: there are 16 lettered tiles in Box 2. The 8 tiles with small numbers on them are necessary for the puzzle, while the others are extras and are NOT required if you wish to remove them or happen to lose one.
    • REQUIRED FOR PUZZLE: C(17), D(22), E(14), K(19), L(11), O(12), T(7), V(13)
  3. CHECKER KING: If you have difficulty re-attaching the two checkers together, we recommend a small dot of wax or sticky-tac to help hold them together.
  4. BOTTLE OF SALT WITH KEY: When pouring your salt back into the bottle, you may find that it doesn't seem to all fit back in! Here's how to re-pack your bottle with the hidden key.
    1. Use your funnel to fill the bottle halfway with salt.
    2. Place the key in the middle of the bottle. Tweezers are recommended. If you don't have tweezers, you can bend a small hook on the end of a paperclip to lower the key into the bottle and stick it into the salt.
    3. Fill the bottle to the top with more salt, covering the key.
    4. You're not done yet! The salt is still loose in the bottle, which could allow the key to shift and appear as the salt settles. To pack the bottle more tightly, tap the bottom of the bottle on a hard surface such as a table top. Don't shake the bottle, just tap it downwards. Keep tapping until more space appears at the top of the bottle. Pour in more salt and keep tapping until the salt doesn't seem to settle anymore.
    5. If you've lost any of your salt in the process of playing your Case, you can use regular table salt as a replacement.
    6. Cork the bottle tightly!
  5. EMPTY BOTTLE ROLLED IN CROSSWORD PUZZLE: We wrapped the crossword puzzle around the empty bottle with a rubber band in order to protect it during shipping. It is not required for you to re-wrap the bottle.
  6. SUSPECT PROFILE PACKET: Place all suspect profiles in the brown envelope. You can alternate them back and forth so the staples don't make one corner of the stack too thick, but this is optional. Use the string to loop the envelope closed. Fold Alfred's introduction letter (beginning with "Whomever opens this box:") in half and paperclip it to the envelope.

2. Box 3 (small box with combination lock)



In order of placement in the box:

1. "Xtra Content" card with suitcase image
2. Letter from Alfred, folded up (see below for folding instructions) - place to one side at the bottom of the box.
3. Police report, folded up (see below for folding instructions) - place to the other side at the bottom of the box.
4. False bottom card with Crossword Master Pin
5. Photo, folded in half
6. Note from August, folded in quarters



3. Box 2 (small box with Key Padlock)


Order of placement in this box is not important - only that items fit inside!

1. LEXIKO board, folded up
2. Larger section of the decoder wheel
3. 1/3 of BINGO tiles*
5. All letter tiles*
6. Checker king*
7. Hand-drawn Checker puzzle, folded in quarters.

*see section 1. Preparation of Specific Items

4. Lid compartment packet


Order of placement in this packet is not important.

1. BINGO Card with numbers 1, 13, 22, 30, 37 in top row
2. Chess Rook piece
3. 1/3 of BINGO tiles*
4. Word Search puzzle
5. Diamond Den Memo
6. Blue grille with holes punched out
7. Yellow "CHECKERS Rules of Play" booklet
8. Newspaper clipping about blackmail plot
9. Chess puzzle with two violas drawn at the top
10. Bottle of salt with hidden key* 
11. Blue envelope with blue letter tucked inside

*see section 1. Preparation of Specific Items



1. Place the contents of the packet in a pile on the black piece of paper.
2. Fold the sides around the pile, like a letter.
3. Fold one end of the packet up to create a pocket. This will allow you to pick up and transfer the packet over to the lid of the main box without everything spilling out.



1. Slide the ends of the packet underneath the wooden bars that hold the lid panel in place.
2. Place the lid panel into the lid, making sure the magnets take hold. If they don't, you may need to flip the panel over.
3. If the lid panel still feels weak, remember that you'll be placing the envelope of suspect profiles over it, which will help hold it in place.


5. Main Box



On the bottom of the box, make a pile of papers:

1. Crosswords from February 14 and 21 (photo here shows one of them wrapped around the empty glass bottle)
2. Diamond Den Coaster
3. Two playing cards (3 and K of clubs)
4. Two remaining BINGO cards
5. Chess instructions page
6. Remaining chess puzzle
7. "Codes & Ciphers A-Z" booklet
8. Pink grille with holes punched out
9. Pink envelope with pink letter tucked inside

On top of the papers, place:

10. Box 2
11. Box 3
12. The blank white pad and mini pencil
13. Empty glass bottle (photo here shows bottle rolled inside a crossword puzzle for shipping)
14. Mini funnel
15. Small decoder wheel piece (with pointer)
16. Remaining 1/3 of BINGO tiles*
17. Chess Knight piece
18. Matchbook

*see section 1. Preparation of Specific Items


Place the large newspaper (#19 in photo above) on top of the items in the box, folded in quarters with "LOCAL MAN ABDUCTED" facing up.

Press the suspect profile packet* (#20 in photo above) into the lid, with Alfred's letter facing out.

Close and lock the case with the gold chinese style lock - Make sure not to lock your key inside!!

*see section 1. Preparation of Specific Items

Header photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash