NEW from the Armchair Detective Company:
Customizable Cipher Lock Greeting Cards!

In the course of designing our Mysterious Cases, we had to develop a new type of mechanical locking card, which allows certain items to be locked away until the right puzzles are solved.

We thought many of you might like to try your hand at using these cards for your own puzzles, so we're now offering blank Cipher Lock cards in our store!

There are two varieties of these unique cards: Greeting card and Postcard. The Greeting card opens like a book once it is unlocked, while the Postcard holds a small drawer which slides out when the correct combination is entered.

These blank cards feature pinholes that indicate the correct unlocking positions - simply cover the hole with a sticker from our add-on sticker pack to create your custom puzzle!

To unlock the card, turn each of the three dials to their correct positions. This releases the card so it may be opened. 

There are three finishes for the two variations: blank white (great for drawing your own design), metallic silver, and metallic gold.

We are also offering add-on sticker packs with specially cut dial stickers so you can easily add textures and style to your card.

Orders will ship as soon as the cards arrive from overseas, most likely October.




Stay tuned! We'll be posting ideas and links for you soon!